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Date 27 Oct 2013-25 Jan 2014

Giganto website

Elevado Presidente Costa e Silva, Santa Cecília

3, Marechal Deodoro

In a city as populous as São Paulo, people watching is an easy pursuit for the observant. Twenty faces that are impossible to miss, however, are the six-metre-tall black-and-white photo portraits of inquisitive, concerned and hopeful paulistanos, dressing up the supporting columns of the Minhocão – a raised expressway that carves a path from Barra Funda to Centro, passing just a few feet in front of people’s front rooms. The images by Raquel Brust – part of an exhibition entitled ‘Giganto’ – are part of the PhotoEspaña.br festival.

To see the super-sized photos, it's best to go during the day, as the area can be sketchy at night. If you can, go on a Sunday, when you can take advantage of the Minhocão – officially called the Elevado Presidente Costa e Silva – being closed to traffic, a bit like a no-frills, improvised version of New York’s High Line park. Pick up a coconut water and amble alongside runners, cyclists, skaters, dog walkers and kids towards the aging downtown spires. 

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