Ricardo de Castro

26 Jun 2012-21 Jul 2012

Ricardo de Castro/Press Image
'4648', Ricardo de Castro
'4648', Ricardo de Castro

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On 23 June, Ricardo de Castro performed the piece Ação at the opening of his new exhibition, 'Transformer'. In the performance, glass light bulbs filled with paint were dashed against the walls of the gallery, Casa Triângulo. According to Castro, the artwork, in this case, resides in the action – the change in attitude of which it consists. The mimetic splashes of paint left there are mere reminders.

From the geometric to organic, Castro is known for his brave choices in media: installations, videos, performance pieces and sculptures. His exhibition consists of minimalistic sculptures and paintings that are, at the same time, full of life, and that deal with themes like magic, birth and death. The artist spends a lot of time at the gallery, so if you’re lucky he might be around for a one-to-one chat about his work.

By Alexis Sogl

Event details

Casa Triângulo

Address Rua Paes de Araújo 77

Itaim Bibi, São Paulo

Telephone (11) 3167 5621

Casa Triângulo website

Date 26 Jun 2012-21 Jul 2012

Open 11am-7pm Tue-Sat.


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