Time Out São Paulo

Fourteen fantastic prints

Prints to suit all price ranges, by fourteen of the finest Brazilian printmakers around.

Cláudio Caropreso’s striking, satirical, sometimes sad prints are made using a ‘lost matrix’ technique. In it, the artist carves part of the design from the block (‘matrix’) and prints one colour, then carves again and prints another colour, and so on until there’s nothing left to cut away, as in this print, Parede (R$400).

Find Cláudio Caropreso prints for sale at Gravura Brasileira.

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  • claudio-mubarac_bx_pi.jpg
  • ana-calzavara_bx_pi.jpg
  • samuel-casal_bx_pi.jpg
  • printshoq_bx_pi.jpg
  • francisco-maringelli_bx_pi.jpg
  • marcello-grassmann_bx_pi.jpg
  • sheila-goloborotko_bx_pi.jpg
  • j-borges_bx_pi.jpg
  • carybe_bx_pi.jpg
  • rosana-paulino_bx_pi.jpg
  • komatsu_bx_pi.jpg
  • emanoel-araujo-pinacoteca_bx_pi.jpg
  • 2lasar-segall_bx_pi.jpg

By Claire Rigby


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