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As far as theme bars go, this one requires a little homework unless you’re already familiar with the work of Brazilian author Luís Fernando Veríssimo. To those in the know, references to his work will be easy to spot – as well as eat and drink – since they’re peppered through this busy, post-work bar set on a charming square in Brooklin.

Let’s start with liquid homage in the form of the Sexo na Cabeça (sex on the brain) cocktail – a pineapple and lime caipirinha (R$14) that’s as sweet and sharp as Veríssimo’s humour in his eponymous book of chronicles. Next up, how about some ‘piriris’ – a word of Veríssimo’s own invention meaning little bites to eat. Opt for the ‘Entrevero’ – cheesy tapioca flour rolls filled with shredded duck and covered with requeijão (a creamy cheese) and crunchy kale. (R$32) The battered brie with chilli jam (R$30) is a delicious combination, too.

But if you’ve still got sex on the brain, skip the savouries and attend to the ‘Orgias’ (orgies) section of the menu, containing group favourites like the creamy chocolate soup with cognac and ice cream (R$14). It will satifsy up to three.

Verímisso, besides writing, had a way with humour, illustration and, in his spare moments, music. Watch out for his cheery face in photos and caricatures scattered around the restaurant, excerpts from his books on the napkins, and book covers on the walls.

Verissimo details

Address Rua Flórida 1488

Brooklin, São Paulo

Telephone (11) 5506 6748

Verissimo website

Prices chope R$5.50; caipirinha R$12

Open 11.30am-1am Mon-Wed; 11.30am-2am Thu-Sat



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