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Seven ways to make the perfect coffee

Making a decent cup of coffee might not be rocket science, but when you want to make the most of really good beans, there's all manner of ways to brew up the perfect cup.

1. AeroPress, at Coffee Lab

The charming Isabela Raposeiras, owner of Coffee Lab in Vila Madalena, is fierce when it comes to roasting her coffee. ‘I’m really obsessive about my roasting,’ she says from the back courtyard of her industrial-chic café which attracts serious coffee fiends. Raposeiras only roasts limited-production microlots – the coffee equivalent of a reserve wine – which she prefers to prepare with an AeroPress, an American product discovered by Raposeiras on an annual coffee trip to Denmark.

The AeroPress is a remarkably simple machine that churns out a filter coffee with the added benefit of pressure. ‘Brazilians like filter coffee, but are used to bad filter coffee,’ she says. ‘This is a high-quality, really clean filter coffee. Thanks to the pressure, you get more extraction so that it tastes more interesting than a standard filter. And it’s a pleasure to prepare.’

Cup R$6. Coffee Lab, Rua Fradique Coutinho 1340, Vila Madalena, 3375 7400, coffeelab.com.br.

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By Kevin Raub and Nina Loscalzo


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