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Dzi Croquettes: review

Dzi Croquettes: review

Director Raphael Alvarez, Tatiana Issa

Cast Norma Bengell, Maria Zilda Bethlem, César Camargo Mariano

The revolutionary, inspirational and extravagant carioca cabaret group that confronted the military dictatorship, Dzi Croquettes, gets a long-overdue eulogy in this fascinating documentary, which has swept the board at a range of bijou film festivals, including the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival and L.A.’s Dance, Camera, West.

Breaking social and sexual taboos, the group was banned and censored in 1970s Brazil. Cue exile to Paris and subsequent fame, thanks chiefly to Liza Minnelli, one of a host of stars who tell the Dzi Croquettes story, mixed in with archive footage from their French performances.

Cláudia Raia, Gilberto Gil and Ney Matogrosso are just some of dozens of high-profile friends and admirers who knit together the arresting tale, along with the last five surviving members of the original troupe – three of the group were murdered, and five died from AIDS.

Despite these tragic ends, the film stays focused on the wild highs and the extraordinary legacy of, what until now, had been virtually an untold story.

By Gibby Zobel


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