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Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Opens 5 Jul 2013

Director Scott Charles Stewart

Cast Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton, Dakota Goyo.

Aliens do the darnedest things! Or so this batty, Z-grade abduction shocker, Dark Skies (Os Escolhidos in Portuguese), would have us believe. Though considering these spooky actions include bothering pigeons and sneaking into kids’ bedrooms in the middle of the night, it’s entirely possible that writer-director Scott Stewart has got extraterrestrials confused with dirty old men.

Keri Russell plays Lacy, a suburban mum who begins to fear for her family after a series of unexplained events (all of them tiresomely familiar to anyone who’s seen either Signs, Paranormal Activity, The X-Files or The Birds).

Time and again, Stewart squanders the opportunity to do anything remotely interesting or worthwhile: the characters are cardboard, the visuals bland, the plot simultaneously overfamiliar and completely baffling. Worst of all, the entire film is totally humourless, making for occasional moments of unintended hilarity – the scene where a tranced-out Russell smashes her face repeatedly into a plate-glass door has definite comedy value – but an overall mood of unrelenting po-faced drudgery.

By Tom Huddleston


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