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De Pernas Pro Ar: review

De Pernas Pro Ar: review

Director Roberto Santucci

Cast Ingrid Guimarães, Maria Paula, Bruno Garcia

What happens when you’re an undersexed, career-focused executrix at a toy company in Rio? Your husband takes ‘time off’ from the marriage, you lose your job when the wrong package of ‘toys’ is opened in a board meeting and you turn your neighbour’s tiny little sex shop into a multi-national brand. At least, that’s what happens in De Pernas Pro Ar – ‘topsy turvy’ – a humorous if cheap-looking romp starring a perfectly cast Ingrid Guimarães as the aforementioned workaholic. 

The mildly raunchy sex comedy is at its best when Guimarães finds herself in compromising situations: on ecstasy for the first time (she thought it was a breath mint); masturbating with a dildo hidden inside a plush bunny; getting stuck in the hallway wearing a strap-on with a broken buckle. Her bodacious neighbour-turned-mentor (Maria Paula), in-home sex therapist and owner of the gaudy Sex Delícia, gets additional laughs for her campy quips.

The movie’s action is dampened by the husband’s (Bruno Garcia) annoying cave-man rants and the low-budget production quality that makes the entire project look made-for-TV. Still, there are a few bright spots – look for the purple suit in the Amazon rainforest – that make De Pernas Pro Ar a pleasant Friday night rental.

By Ernest White II


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