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De Pernas Pro Ar 2: DVD release

De Pernas Pro Ar 2: DVD release

Opens 24 Apr 2013

Director Roberto Santucci

Brazilian film might be best known for a wave of gritty films over recent decades, of the likes of 2002’s Cidade de Deus, but there’s more to it than just explosive social commentary. In the comedy De Pernas Pro Ar 2 – a sequel to the 2010 box-office hit by the same name – we catch up with Alice (Ingrid Guimarães), whose success in the sex shop industry has grown, along with her workaholism.

Though under doctor’s orders to de-stress, with the international expansion of her company underway Alice has too much at stake to slow down, and makes her way to NYC, where, as in the first film, she must conceal her work from her family. Time Out has not yet reviewed this film.

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