Cinemateca movie season

16 Jan 2013-17 Mar 2013

Take a break from the blockbusters with back-to-back film seasons at Vila Mariana's Cinemateca

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Filming 'Extremos do Prazer', directed by Carlos Reichenbach
Filming 'Extremos do Prazer', directed by Carlos Reichenbach

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With a packed schedule, the Cinemateca is kicking off the year with a series of concurrent film festivals that span all manner of genres, generations and formats, from paulistano short films and classic movies to a retrospective of the work of the Brazilian director Carlos Reichenbach. 

Curta Cinemateca

6pm, Tuesdays and Saturdays; 19 January-26 February. Price Free.

With a launch that coincided with celebrations around the anniversary of São Paulo back in January, the Curta Cinemateca ('Cinemateca Shorts') consists of a selection of short films, all directed by paulistanos, with some connection to the city, such as. Look out for Gregorio Graziosi's Monumento, which tells the story of the Italian-Brazilian sculptor Victor Brecheret and his massive granite statue, 'Monumento às Bandeiras', near Parque do Ibirapuera. Another highlight is the short documentary Jaçanã e o Adoniran, by Rogério Nunes, which delves into the story of one of São Paulo's most popular sambas, 'Trem das Onze' and its equally famous composer Adoniran Barbosa. Most shorts are in Portuguese.

  • Monumento is at 6pm, 12 February
  • Jaçanã e o Adoniran is at 6.30pm, 12 February

For the full festival programme, see 

Verão de Clássicos

16 January-17 March. Price R$4-$8.

The Cinemateca's 'Summer Classics' season features a selection of rare and classic films spanning several genres and generations. From Federico Fellini’s Intervista to Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, the festival highlights some of cinema's best filmmakers (foreign language films are subtitled in Portuguese only).

  • Intervista, by Frederico Fellini is at 6pm, 3 February
  • Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón, by Pedro Almodóvar is at 6.30pm, 2 February 
  • Reservoir Dogs, by Quentin Tarantino is at 8pm, 3 February
  • Sex, Lies and Videotape, by Steven Soderbergh is at 4pm, 20 February

For full festival programme, see 

Retrospectiva Carlos Reichenbach 

22 January-17 February. Price R$4-$8.

For an immersion into Brazilian cinema – and, with no subtitles in sight, just Portuguese folks – the Cinemateca is hosting a retrospective of the films by the Brazilian director Carlos Reichenbach, whose career spanned 22 movies before he passed away last year. His 1984 film Extremos do Prazer (‘Extremes of Pleasure’) tells the story of a man persecuted during Brazil’s military dictatorship.

  • Extremos do Prazer is at 7pm, 30 January; 4pm, 9 February
  • O Paraíso Proibido is at 8pm, 3 February; 7pm, 13 February
  • Falsa Loura is at 7.20pm, 29 January; 8pm, 12 February; 9pm, 14 February; 8.30pm 17 February

For full festival programme check

By Cecília Gianesi

Event details

Sala Cinemateca

Address Largo Senador Raul Cardoso 207

Vila Mariana, São Paulo

Telephone (11) 3512 6111

Sala Cinemateca website

Prices up to R$ 8

Date 16 Jan 2013-17 Mar 2013


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