Gigs, concerts, bands and music in São Paulo

Inside the São Paulo music scene


Clemente, singer of Inocentes and Plebe Rude, reveals his top rock spots

Hip hop

Rhossi, lead vocalist for Pavilhão 9, lines up his top hip hop hangouts

Electronic music

DJ Mau Mau breaks down the city's best electronic music meccas

Local talent


São Paulo' hip hop scion is branching out

Hot Brazilian bands

Listen to five Brazilian bands on the rise

Fossa nova wave

A new wave of São Paulo singer-songwriters

Best for samba and MPB

Grazie a Dio!

A lively, unpretentious spot for MPB and samba

Bar Mangueira

A little taste of Rio in São Paulo

Bar Brahma

This live music club and bar is a São Paulo classic

Best for jazz

Bourbon Street

Jazz and blues in a sanitised N'awlins

Jazz nos Fundos

A no-nonsense jazz venue in the back of a parking lot

The Orleans

The spirit of the Big Easy is alive and well in São Paulo

Classical music venues

Sala São Paulo

Home to the São Paulo state symphony orchestra

Theatro Municipal

Downtown's centenarian theatre and music hall

Auditório Ibirapuera

Look out for the free Sunday morning concerts

Music features

  • Finding vinyl
    Finding vinyl

    Where to get your hands on quality vinyl records

  • Tribute bands
    Tribute bands

    Uncovering the best São Paulo cover bands

  • Jazz nos Fundos
    Jazz nos Fundos

    A no-nonsense jazz venue in the back of a parking lot

  • Sing it back
    Sing it back

    Step up to the mic for four minutes of fame at the best karaoke bars

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