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Viva Gonzagão

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Viva Gonzagão

Tickets from R$ 8 to R$ 32

Date 06 Jul 2012-07 Jul 2012

Open 9pm

Rua Padre Adelino 1000, Belém

Telephone (11) 2076 9700

3, Belém

There’s nothing more appropriate than celebrating 100 years of Luiz Gonzaga during the season of festas juninas (traditional June festivities). The hillbilly tribute to the Rei do Baião (country music king) will be held at SESC Belenzinho with two nights in which forró and arrasta pé country-dance music will be re-interpreted by the voices of the new generation of musicians like Filipe Catto and the adored Chico César.

The concerts mark the release of the album 100 Anos de Gonzagão (100 Years of Gonzaga), which includes songs performed by many of the artists who will take the stage at Belenzinho. On the first day, Ednardo, Filipe Catto, Ylana Queiroga Verônica Ferriani and Virgínia Rosa will give a personal touch to classics like ‘ABC do Sertão’, ‘A Sorte é Cega’ and ‘Qui nem Jiló’. On the second day, the artists Chico César, Amelinha, Anastácia, Márcia Castro and Edy Star will revisit the hits ‘Pau de Arara’, ‘Asa Branca’ and ‘Feira de Caruaru’.

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