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73 Rotações

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73 Rotações

Tickets from R$ 12 to R$ 24

Date 26 Sep 2013-29 Sep 2013

Open 9pm

Avenida Luiz Dumont Villares 579 , Santana

Telephone (11) 2971 8700

It’s hard to believe that 40 years have passed since the release of one of the most important albums in the history of popular Brazilian music: Secos e Molhados’s self-titled debut. The revolutionary album came out at the height of the repressive military dictatorship (1964-1985), and although its lyrics contained serious social criticism, it sold over a million copies, thrusting the band’s androgynous vocalist, Ney Matogrosso, into the public eye.

Classic tracks like ‘Sangue Latino’, ‘O Vira’ and ‘Rosa de Hiroshima’ unleashed a potent blend of glam rock laced with references to Brazilian folklore that continues to influence Brazilian artists today. Among them is the Bahian singer and songwriter Karina Buhr, who will be interpreting the songs from this seminal record on the opening night of the 73 Rotações project, which invites contemporary Brazilian artists to play famous albums from 1973.

‘It’s all so full of emotion that anyone who has ever heard this album, or has seen the band live or seen footage of them years later, continues to be influenced by Secos e Molhados in some way,’ Buhr tells us. But despite the fact that her own sound has a lot in common with the band formed by Matogrosso, João Ricardo and Gérson Conrad, Buhr points out that this isn’t the type of project she had always dreamed of doing.

‘This thing of interpreting other people’s songs – or a whole album – isn’t exactly something that makes me feel very comfortable. For a while I thought I might not accept SESC’s invitation, but then I thought the idea was so wonderful, because this record is really precious. The idea is not to just repeat it or do some wildly surprising arrangement, but to sing, to play, to be on stage feeling these songs that have always moved me and still move me so much. It’s a real challenge I’ve set for myself.’

After Buhr’s opening gig, the 73 Rotações performance series continues with Cidadão Instigado playing Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon (27 September); paulistana singer-songwriter Céu doing Bob Marley’s Catch a Fire (28 September); and Fred 04 singing the tragic sambista Nelson Cavaquinho’s eponymous album (29 September).

73 Rotações line-up

26 September

Karina Buhr plays Secos e Molhados

27 September

Cidadão Instigado plays Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon

28 September

Céu plays Bob Marley’s Catch a Fire

29 September

Fred 04 plays Nelson Cavaquinho

Note: Check the SESC website for ticket information as some of the gigs are already sold out.  

By Rafael Argemon


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