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Tickets from R$ 5 to R$ 25

Date 25 Oct 2013-26 Oct 2013

Open 9.30pm

Rua Padre Adelino 1000, Belém

Telephone (11) 2076 9700

3, Belém

Continuing with SESC's 'Álbum' project, in which musicians revisit records considered important to the history of the nation's music, Brazilian thrash metal legends Sepultura commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the release of their inventive fifth full-length recording, 1993's Chaos A.D.

The band has long been revered for its originality, thanks to its successful fusing of industrial and hardcore influences with an uncompromising vision of the US and European strains of thrash and speed metal from the late-1980s. Chaos A.D. remains a monument to that tireless innovation, as well as to the band's wide acceptance within the international music community.

Although Sepultura went its separate ways long ago with founding brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, the lineup has transformed without a hitch, having featured the US vocalist Derrick Green for more than fifteen years, and as of 2011, boasting the drum work of 22-year-old Eloy Casagrande.

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