Christmas concerts at SESC Vila Mariana

Sun 29 Dec 2013

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Natal Caipira
Natal Caipira

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Perhaps aware of the customary splurging taking place at Christmastime, a trio of free holiday-themed shows at SESC Vila Mariana, ranging from the rustic to the sacred, should help you get in a festive mood – and save your cash for gift-giving.

Choral music might have a tendency to stick with tradition, but Voz Ativa Madrigal, who kick off the Yuletide concerts, mix classical and a capella MPB into its repertoire, bringing an unexpected approach to the choir format that branches out from the old world masters and modern Brazilian favourites incorporate compositions from across the globe, with celebratory pieces from the Americas, Africa and Europe .

Returning the focus closer to home, the four-piece Natal Caipira, which harmonises over acoustic guitar, fiddle, viola, the ukulele-esque cavaquinho and percussion, combines its original songs with folk tunes that hark back to the countryside, and to the reisado (epiphany), a type of character-based, door-to-door caroling-and-dance associated with the holiday season since Portuguese settlers introduced it to the North-Eastern Brazilian state of Sergipe.

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Em Cantos de Natal

Wrapping up the concert series with a show combining solo, duet and quartet vocal performances with piano accompaniment, ‘Em Cantos de Natal’ (Songs of Christmas) was specifically created to span music history by blending the work of Bach, Vivaldi, Schubert, Händel, Offenbach and J. Henry Newton with well known carols and spirituals to commemorate the holiday in all its seasonal splendour.

Voz Ativa Madrigal play at 1.30pm on 21 and 28 December.
Natal Caipira play at 1.30pm on 22 and 29 December.
Em Cantos de Natal’ is at 6.30pm on 21 December. 

By CM Gorey

Event details

SESC Vila Mariana

Address Rua Pelotas 141

Vila Mariana, São Paulo

Telephone (11) 5080 3000

SESC Vila Mariana website

Date Sun 29 Dec 2013


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