Album review: Ricardo Parronchi – Finding My Way


Ricardo Parronchi
CD cover from the album 'Finding My Way'

Hop in and take a journey down the dusty roads of 1970s hard rock with bassist and vocalist Richard Parronchi’s first solo album, Finding My Way. Mixing up a bit of blues, soul and a vast array of rhythmic seasonings, and accompanied by Valter Gomes and Rodrigo Rodrigues on guitar, Mark on keyboard and Iahn Lienio Medeiros on drums, Parronchi, formerly of gospel-rock group Banda DESTRA, shows and proves his vocal versatility. His voice rises and falls in varying degrees of softness, modulating the love-centred English lyrics of the album.

Bluesy gospel like ‘Change our Hearts’ and the upbeat, swing-tinged ‘What Really Goes on Your Heart’ reflect Parronchi’s adaptability. With impeccable production by the artist himself, Finding My Way is an example of a fresh musical take on rock, decidedly different from the current cacophony of sounds unfailingly infused with electronica.

By Fabiana Caso


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