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Inside São Paulo's rock scene with Clemente Nascimento.

Clemente is the singer and guitarist of Inocentes and Plebe Rude, as well as the presenter and artistic director of music portal showlivre.com. We spoke to the influential musician to find out his top rock spots in São Paulo.

'In the 1980s, there was a really strong rock scene here in São Paulo. We used to have radio stations that played only rock. Today, the internet has diluted that, and people follow bands more directly online. But rock is still alive here – the city is a gold-mine, there are so many cool and inspiring things. You can hear live music at loads of venues – the other night I saw The Slackers at the Centro Cultural da Juventude (CCJ), in the north of the city.

'They have great gigs at Inferno Club, Beco 203, Hangar 110 and sometimes at Studio SP's Cedo e Sentado night. There are good record stores, like The Records (therecords.com.br) in Galeria Nova Barão, which even has its own label that’s currently re-releasing the Inocentes single ‘Miséria e Fome’ in the USA and Europe. Galeria Nova Barão has become a kind of focal point for collectors – music for the masses is all about MP3 now, no matter what the quality. But collectors want vinyl, and the city has a number of vinyl fairs, like the one at Beco 203.
'I also like bars like Caos, and on Wednesday nights I go down to Alberta #3 for Rocks off/Rocks on. I’d also recommend the Overdancing night at Alley Club, and the Gás Total party at Inferno Club, which plays heavy rock from the ’80s and ’90s.'

Alberta #3 is at Avenida São Luís 272, República, 3151 5299, alberta3.com.br.
Alley Club is at Rua Barra Funda 1066, Barra Funda, 3666 0611, alleyclub.com.br.
Beco 203 is at Rua Augusta 609, Consolação, 2339 0351, beco203.com.br.
Caos is at Rua Augusta 584, Consolação, 2365 1260.
CCJ is at Avenida Deputado Emílio Carlos 3641, Vila Nova Cachoeirinha, 3984 2466, ccjuve.prefeitura.sp.gov.br.
Hangar 110 is at Rua Rodolfo Miranda 110, Bom Retiro, 3229 7442, hangar110.com.br.
Inferno Club is at Rua Augusta 501, Consolação, 3120 4140, infernoclub.com.br.
The Records is at Rua Barão de Itapetininga 37, Shop 43, 3257 2145, facebook.com/loja.therecords.
Studio SP is at Rua Augusta 591, Consolação, 3129 7040, studiosp.org.

By Fabiana Caso


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