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Inside the hip hop scene with Clodoaldo ‘Rhossi’ Santos.

Clodoaldo ‘Rhossi’ Santos is the lead vocalist and lyricist for Pavilhão 9. Catch him rapping solo at Lollapalooza. We caught up with him prior to the festival to find out his top hangouts to hear hip hop in São Paulo:

'These days, hip hop is spread out across the city – you can find guys beatboxing or freestyling on almost any street corner. Back in the ’90s, it was more segregated. Of course, there’s still the classic places like Santa Cruz [southern São Paulo] and Galeria do Rock. The cool thing is that now there’s a mix of old and new talent, like Emicida, bringing a new subtlety to the scene, with the internet helping to circulate new sounds.

'We’re seeing an explosion of female rappers here, with talent like Karol Conká and Flora Mattos. Women have never had as much space as they do now. But São Paulo has always been strong when it comes to rap – the city’s geography suits the style: the concrete, the suburbs, cars, pollution – it’s all a source of inspiration.

'If you want to check out some good music, I’d recommend the club night Chocolate at Clash Club, or Black Tape at Glória. DJ King plays at both those places, and he’s really good. DJ Soares is another DJ I rate. For live shows, I think Hole on Augusta is cool, and Matilha Cultural has a solid hip hop lineup. I’ve got a big record collection at home – I buy a lot at the second-hand bookstores on Rua Augusta.'

Clash Club is at Rua Barra Funda 969, Barra Funda, 3661 1500, clashclub.com.br.
Galeria do Rock is at Rua 24 de Maio 62, República, 3223 8402, portalgaleriadorock.com.br.
is at Rua 13 de Maio 830, Bela Vista, 3287 3700, clubegloria.com.br.
Hole Club is at Rua Augusta 2203, Jardim Paulista, 3061 2699, holeclub.com.br.
Matilha Cultural is at Rua Rêgo Freitas 542, República, 3256 2636, matilhacultural.com.br.

By Anita Porfirio


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