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Inside São Paulo's electronic scene with DJ Mau Mau.

DJ Mau Mau is a DJ and producer with 25 years experience on the decks. A key part of São Paulo's electronic music scene, we caught up with him to get the lowdown on the best electronic music meccas in São Paulo:

'I started out as a pop/rock DJ, and have been following the electronic music scene since the beginning. In 1991, I started playing at places like Hell’s, the first after-hours club in Brazil. At the time, electronic music was booming in São Paulo, and it clashed with the rock scene. Since then, electronic music has absorbed other influences and diversified, and nowadays it sits happily alongside rock and hip hop, which is great, because it means plenty of choice. São Paulo has every kind of electronic music: from pop to more complex styles.

'You can hear harder techno in places like Clash Club or Lab Club, at their regular nights Lokkomotiwa and Black Jack – those nights are awesome, with a younger crowd. There’s also more sophisticated electronic sounds at venues like D-Edge, especially on nights like Moving on Thursdays, and Mothership on Saturdays. The DJs on those nights have a more conceptual kind of setlist, and the crowd is open-minded – they just go to enjoy the music.

'Another place I love is Baixo Augusta; it’s spectacular! In every hole in the wall you go into down there, there's a party going on, playing great music. You can just wander about, meeting up with friends, having a drink here, another one there. I like Caos, too, especially Boogie Nights with DJ Magal and Renato Cohen. They have the same night at Bar do Netão, too – it’s a free-to-enter boteco with a dancefloor, so you’re bound to meet someone you know.'

Bar do Netão is at Rua Augusta 822B, Consolação.
Clash Club is at Rua Barra Funda 969, Barra Funda, 3661 1500, clashclub.com.br.
Caos is at Rua Augusta 584, Consolação, 2365 1260.
D-Edge is at Rua Auro Soares de Moura Andrade 141
, Barra Funda, 3665 9500, d-edge.com.br.
Lab Club is at Rua Augusta 523, Consolação, 3159 1745, labclub.com.br.

By Fabiana Caso


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