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In the music scene: 'nova cena paulista'

Inside São Paulo's 'new paulista scene' with Blubell.

Blubell is a paulistana singer-songwriter who has been performing for almost twenty years. We spoke to the up-and-coming musician taking part in Lollapalooza 2012 about the best places to tune in to the so-called nova cena paulista – a new wave of talented young paulistano singer-songwriters.

'The common denominator of the nova cena paulista is more personal than musical – it’s made up of great friends. But you could say that everyone just rolls up their sleeves and gets involved, and that most of the music is bringing back the art of the song – mine included.

'If you want to see these kinds of artists, I recommend keeping an eye on what’s going on at São Paulo’s SESCs, and at venues on Rua Augusta like Studio SP. I also always recommend Casa de Francisca, a comfortable little place that always has a well curated lineup. I also love the Mercearia São Pedro in Vila Madalena. It’s a real hub for the musicians and composers involved in the scene.'

Casa de Francisca is at Rua José Maria Lisboa 190, Jardim Paulista, 3052 0547, casadefrancisca.art.br.
Mercearia São Pedro is at Rua Rodesia 34, Vila Madalena, 3815 7200, 
SESC Pompeia is at Rua Clélia 93, Pompeia, 3871 7700, sescsp.org.br.
Studio SP is at Rua Augusta 591, Consolação, 3129 7040, studiosp.org.

By Fabiana Caso


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