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Hot Brazilian bands

Tune in to our pick of five lesser-known Brazilian bands, all rising stars at São Paulo's Lollapalooza festival 2012.

Tipo Uísque

This Rio outfit started out as an all-women band before gaining a pair of male guitarists to complete the present-day lineup. Lead singer Pin Böner’s girly yet powerful voice is well worth checking out – she sings timeless rock tunes reminiscent of bands as diverse as Led Zeppelin and Gossip, with occasional electronic elements. As for the band’s look, we’re talking futuristic get-up mixed with out-there makeup, bringing a seriously fashionista twist to the carioca rock scene. Their first album, Afague, was released last year by Som Livre. 

Suvaca Di Prata 

Imagine the funky sounds of Stevie Wonder’s early ‘Superstition’ phase, add in a good dose of swing, then give it a mangue beat makeover – that’s pop and electro twists on North-Eastern folk music – and you’ll be in step with this Recife-based band. 


Veiga & Salazar

This duo, formed by the paulistano Gustavo Veiga and Argentinian Andres Salazar, brings an unlikely blend of bossa nova, jazz, soul and electronica to rap. All of which, combined with strong lyrics and melodic vocals, make for a refreshing break from the sometimes monothematic nature of the genre. Or maybe it simply puts this band into a genre of its very own. 

Marcio Techjun

The creator and resident DJ of the club night MotherShip at D-Edge will be keeping it varied during his festival set. One of the first to crank down the BPMs in Brazil, he’s produced music with influences that range from house to Miles Davis-style fusion jazz. Nowadays, his deep house sets flirt with jazz, bossa nova, rock and even classical music. 


By Fabiana Caso


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