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São Paulo's ten best record shops

With 12" records back on the ascendant worldwide, we dig deep to uncover São Paulo’s vinyl revival.

 Baratos Afins | Big Papa Records | Disco 7 Vinil | Disconcert | Eric Discos | Locomotiva Discos | Mr. Groove Records | The Records | Ventania Discos | Zoyd Discos

Few obsolete music recording formats live to play another day, but vinyl has done just that over the past couple of years. In São Paulo, a profusion of vinyl-only clubnights, record fairs that mutate into parties, and a healthy complement of record shops old and new are proof of that. Contemporary artists from Tatá Aeroplano to Céu and the one and only Rita Lee are releasing LPs on vinyl, and there’s even a resuscitated record pressing plant, Rio’s Polysom (polysom.com.br), back in business pressing new discs and reissuing golden oldies.

Ground zero for SP vinyl culture is Centro. In the 1980s and ‘90s, the Galeria do Rock – a handsomely curvaceous Modernist building inaugurated in 1963 – was the epicentre not only of the city’s record shops but also of its rock scene in general. Today, the Galeria has more tattoo parlours than record shops – there’s just a handful of good vinyl stores left, such as Baratos Afins

But close by, there’s a profusion of other record shops. Next door, Galeria Presidente is another analogue treasure trove, with great spots like Zoyd. Five minutes from there, the effervescent Galeria Nova Barão mall has acquired a whole slew of new record shops – there are 15 of them grouped together just on the first floor. So give your MP3 player a rest and head out in search of a bolachão – slang for a record – from our pick of São Paulo's record shops.

Baratos Afins

Rua 24 de Maio 62, shops 314/318, República (3223 3629, baratosafins.com.br)

With an impressive collection of rock and Brazilian music, you'll find classics and records hot off the press here. Read more on Baratos Afins


Big Papa Records

Galeria Nova Barão, Rua Barão de Itapetininga 37, shop 30, República (3237 0176, bigpaparecords.com)

This is the one for jazz records – but not exclusively so. There's plenty of choice at this downtown store. Read more on Big Papa Records


Disco 7 Vinil

Galeria Nova Barão, Rua 7 de Abril 154, shop 24, República (3231 1193, disco7vinil.com.br)

For a great selection of samba and other Brazilian music, this downtown store is a safe bet. Read more on Disco 7 Vinil


Disconcert Record Shop

Rua Vanderlei 398, Perdizes (3871 2544)

A Perdizes institution, this music-lovers' hangout has been on the scene for more than twenty years and caters for most tastes. Read more on Disconcert Record Shop


Eric Discos

Rua Artur de Azevedo 1813, Pinheiros (3081 8252)

Find classics and more at this well organised Pinheiros record store, run by Londoner Eric Crauford. Read more on Eric Discos


Locomotiva Discos

Galeria Nova Barão, Rua Barão de Itapetininga 37, Shop 51, República, with a second entrance on Rua Sete de Abril 154 (3257 5938, locomotivadiscos.com)

Find re-releases and orginals at this newcomer to the downtown record-store scene. Read more on Locomotiva Discos

Mr. Groove Records

Galeria Presidente, Rua 24 de Maio 116, shop 9, (3337 1006, mrgroove.com.br)

This downtown store is dedicated to 1970s and ‘80s funk, soul and R&B, as well as lots of big Brazilian names. Read more on Mr. Groove Records


The Records

Galeria Nova Barão, Rua Barão de Itapetininga 37, shop 43, República (3257 2145)

Another Centro go-to vinyl store, The Records specialises in punk and hardcore. Read more about The Records


Ventania Discos

Galeria Boulevard, Rua 24 de Maio 188, shop 115-117 (3331 0332, ventania.com.br)

Even if you don't know what you want, you might just find it at this long-standing store. Read more on Ventania Discos

Zoyd Discos

Galeria Presidente, shop 16, Rua 24 de Maio 116, Centro (3362 1116)

Post-punk from the 1980s is what this compact shop is all about. Read more on Zoyd Discos


By Fabiana Caso


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