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Copacabana Club: album review

Tropical Splash.

Copacabana Club are not from Rio; they hail from Paraná, the state just south of São Paulo. Yet with their dual male/female vocals, spiky guitar riffs and bubbling synth lines, this is the kind of music you could imagine a bunch of friends from Copacabana playing, if Brazilians made English-language electro-pop music. Closer to New Young Pony Club than to any of their Brazilian contemporaries, they show throughout this album that they’re ready to become an international band, peppering their songs with bouncy hooks that instantly get stuck in heads, most evident on the opening salvoes of ‘Mrs. Melody’ and ‘Sounds Like Confusion,’ where the band’s non-stop energy never grates, mostly due to the number of ideas they manage to pack into each song.

The best track here is ‘Come Back,’ a summertime anthem which takes a minute to get going, then feels like it’ll never leave you.

By Russ Slater


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