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Magnificent 7: DJ Adriana Recchi

The DJ tells us what tops her playlist.

Adriana Recchi, one of the triumvirate behind the freshly opened Beat Club in Baixo Augusta, is also one-sixth of DePolainas, a collective of female DJs, hostesses, promoters and producers who gather their talents to ignite parties at some of the city’s hippest spots, like Casa 92, D-Edge, and now at Beat Club. Adriana graciously accepted our challenge to pick her current top seven tracks, and fill us in on what they mean to her.

Nina Simone – ‘Feeling Good’
I simply love the sound of Nina Simone’s voice. I have all her albums, but I knew I couldn’t put in two or three from the same artist, so I chose one I really like. All the tracks I’ve chosen remind me of either somewhere or someone – but I’ll keep the ‘someones’ private.

Cowboy Junkies – ‘Blue Moon Revisited’
This group, mixing country music and alternative rock, is one of those bands I’m always listening to at home, either on my phone or on my iPod. I adore that country twist to their sound, and being a fan of the genre, I regularly listen to Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash as well.

Chromatics – ‘Running Up that Hill’
I tried to put a few ‘newer’ songs on my list, so it wouldn’t look so dated! I put a lot of my personal taste into my sets, depending on where I play, so this is one I use a lot to open with, especially when it’s a lounge set and I can vary things.

Stereo MCs – ‘Connected’
This is one of those tracks I play when I feel at ease. It reminds me a lot of a fun stage of my life where I used to go out dancing a lot and have a hell of a time. You could say it’s a bit nostalgic.

Underground Resistance – ‘Hi-tech Jazz’
This one’s ideal for any dancefloor. It was amazing back then, when electronic music was just spreading around the country. Also, it takes me back to one of the first jobs I had at a club, when I met some very important people in my life and who are still part of it.

John Frusciante – ‘The Past Recedes’
Of course I like all of [John Frusciante’s] songs, but this is one I listen to most often. Personally, I love his solo work, his passion as a composer. He left and then returned to play with Red Hot Chili Peppers, but when he left for good, I started to pay more attention. He’s amazing.

Stiff Little Fingers – ‘Suspect Device’
One of the genres I like best is punk rock, and that’s what this band is all about. ‘Suspect Device’ is the kind of track that’s always on in clubs where rockers hang out. I couldn’t leave them off my list, especially now that I know they’re playing this month. You bet I’ll be there, as close as I can get to the stage.

By Andrea Mercado


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