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Top five high-end dance clubs

Get down in an up-town, top-ranking style.

If you’ve had it with cheap and cheerful – or it was never even on your radar – then rest assured: in this city, of all cities, there are plenty of spacious, pricey clubs that will be more than happy to take your money. And what's more, São Paulo’s more extravagant nightlife haunts provide plenty of bang for your buck. So while a few of our picks are more flagrant than others in their ambitious pricing (and others couch their ostentation in a wannabe hipster vibe), you can be fairly sure of receiving top-notch treatment at all of them.


Rua Professor Atílio Innocenti 160, Itaim Bibi, 3078 0404, clubdisco.com.br.
Fame, beauty, power, money … what more do you need? This usually-packed spot for the rich and beautiful is perched on the highest echelons of what we would call upscale. Consider a bank loan before heading out.
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Rua Auro Soares de Moura Andrade 141, Barra Funda, 3665 9500, d-edge.com.br.
This electronica mecca with multiple floors and futuristic lighting regularly provides a dazzling night out. 
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Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antônio 277, República, 3104 7157, lionsnightclub.com.br.
Don't be fooled by the downtown address. Slick lighting, stunning views from the smoking terrace and rich decor give this space an opulent feel.
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Rua Augusta 2085, Jardim Paulista, 3081 3103, mokai.com.br.
A taste of South Beach at the Miami hotspot's sister club in Jardim Paulista.
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The Society

Rua Marquês de Paranaguá 329, Consolação, 3154 1669, thesociety.com.br.
Club meets clubhouse on Baixo Augusta.
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