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Astronete reopens at Baixo Augusta

Astronete reopens its doors at a new address, and finally brings an end to the 'Free Astronete' movement..

In March 2011, an unassuming tweet started a micro-revolution on Baixo Augusta, at least among the defenders of good old rock ‘n’ roll. The post denounced the occupation of Astronete by the police who brought an unexpected eviction order, according to Cláudio Medusa, the owner.

The decision by the authorities was all the more frustrating because no legal notice was given to the club beforehand and all of their paperwork had been up to date. The police cemented up the doors of the beloved club. Disgusted by this news, singer Pitty, a regular at Astronete, retweeted the post and, almost by accident, gave birth to the Free Astronete movement.

Astronete first opened in 2007, at Rua Matias Aires, and was known for its varied musical schedule – which always included one rock night each week. The authorities justified the closure by citing a lack of necessary permits. And thus, the fight to reopen the club began.

On 17 February 2012, the celebrated club reopened at last, albeit at a new address. But it has ‘the same atmosphere, same decor, same bar, same parties and practically the same staff, but with a smoking area’, affirms Medusa. The astral gang occupies Rua Augusta 335. 

Astronete is at Rua Augusta 335, Consolação (facebook.com/astronete)

By Anita Porfirio


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