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5 minutes with... DJ Psilosamples

The producer and DJ takes off with a set at Sónar.

Local intersects with global in both the life and music of producer and DJ Psilosamples, coming together to contribute to a new and original soundtrack that’s constantly attracting new followers. A revelation in the Brazilian electronic scene, he mixes samples from country, folk and MPB songs with techno beats.

Psilosamples – the stage name of José Roberto Machado II – shows his eclectic mixing skills at 4pm on 12 May at the São Paulo version of the Sónar festival at Anhembi, sharing the bill with Björk , Cee-Lo Green, Justice, Criolo, Emicida and others – a total of 45 names from the world of dance and electronica. And for Psilosamples, there’s more: he has been asked to play at the Barcelona Sonár festival on 15 June, an honour reserved for only one other Brazilian musician, DJ Dago.

Born and raised in Pouso Alegre, Minas Gerais, where he still lives, for the 27-year-old, playing at Sónar is a dream come true. ‘When Chico Dub [DJ and producer] told me about the opportunity to play at Sónar, I almost fell off my chair!’ recalls Machado, who says he has followed the electronic music festival’s happenings for years.

Despite living in a quiet town in southern Minas Gerais where he sometimes doesn’t even get cellphone service, technology has had a constant presence in his writing and recording process. ‘I create everything on my computer at my house in Pouso Alegre,’ he says. Mental Surf, released at the beginning of this year, is the latest product to come from his cyber/countryside retreat.

Aside from taking the stage for Sonár, Machado says he’ll be looking forward to catching some of the other shows. ‘I will definitely be at Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto’s show, which is a more thought-provoking sound, and of course at Squarepusher’s show as well,’ he says. ‘I’m a huge fan of his. I follow the guy’s life and everything. I wouldn’t miss Squarepusher for anything. That is, if he doesn’t play at the same time as I do.’ 

By Anita Porfirio


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