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Magnificent 7: DJ Paulo Pacheco

What tops the mega-DJ's playlist?.

The Week packs in one of the most diverse crowds in São Paulo, encompassing all sexualities, genders and backgrounds, so the DJs that spin there must know how to please an eclectic crowd. Resident DJ at the mega-club, Paulo Pacheco, is no different. But what pleases him? His musical taste floats mostly in the electronic ether – but when it comes to his top seven, he’s all about the golden oldies.

Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
This song has a very progressive beat. The way the keyboard is played and how it kind of grows with the music is amazing. It’s one of those extended-play songs that makes you close your eyes and just takes you far away. It went from underground to mainstream, and it’s still a massive hit. 

Donna Summer – I Feel Love
This one definitely made a difference in electronic music. You can hear the same keyboard played in many songs, since it has been sampled several times. And Donna Summer has one of the most beautiful voices ever. It’s hypnotic. 

Patrick Hernandez – Born to be Alive
After ‘I Feel Love’ (above), this song was ground-breaking for using electronic drums, aggressive keyboards and vocals. It works well with a set list, but you need a good remix of a song this old, otherwise it just sounds weird on [modern] equipment. 

Loleatta Holloway – Love Sensation
A classic, by one of the greatest disco divas. You can hear bits and pieces of the song in lots of tracks out there, like DJ Capela’s  ‘Take Me Away’. It was sampled a lot, especially in the ’90s; it was hip to sample classic voices.

Snap – Rhythm is a Dancer
Snap caused a revolution with this track, and it became a world success. I remember when it came out, they played it a lot on the radio, on soap opera soundtracks. The successful combination of rap mixed with delicate female vocals had already happened with their previous track, ‘The Power’.

Inner City – Good Life
This was produced by Kevin Saunderson, one of the guys who brought techno from the underground. This one particularly made a mark on my work. It was back when I first started working as a DJ; it was just an odd single, but it gained strength over time.

Giorgio Moroder – From Here to Eternity
Giorgio Moroder was more of a producer for others than for himself. I have the album he made with Donna Summer; it’s amazing! He’s the one who started working with synthesisers, before Kraftwerk.

DJ Paulo Pacheco plays Saturdays at The Week.

By Andrea Mercado


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