Time Out São Paulo

Tatá Aeroplano

Tatá flies to the Alley Club.

Picnic’s parties at the Alley Club are well-established fixtures on the city’s arts and fashion scene, uniting a hip and happening crowd for the weekly knees-up. The arrival of Tatá Aeroplano to host the goings-on this month, therefore, looks set to provide the perfect musical backdrop to all the usual hipster happenings.

Tatá, who reportedly only ever drinks coffee and Coke, is the vocalist with the bands Cérebro Eletrônico and Jumbo Elektro. The ever-productive also DJs a rich mix of Tropicália and rock’n’roll, throwing in some dramatic psychedelic rarities for good measure. The contents of his record bag sees the likes of early Caetano Veloso and Raul Seixas rub shoulders with Primal Scream, but he’s not afraid to drop in a little party-pleasing ’80s action or electronica.

Tatá Aeroplano spins at Alley Club on 13 May 2011.

By Doug Gray


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