Encontros de arte e gastronomia

20 Nov 2012-24 Nov 2012

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Chefs Jose Barratino from Emiliano, and the arist Laura Lima
Artist Rochelle Costi and Philippe Brye bake an entire table with bread dough

This event has finished

NOTE: This event is back up and running after being temporarily suspended. Check mam.org.br for the full line-up of artists and chefs.

Music and food are a match made in heaven, but art and food are a less likely pair. São Paulo’s modern art museum will be attempting to fuse the two disciplines in a series of ten ‘Encontros de arte e gastronomia’ (encounters between art and gastronomy) in which two creative minds, a chef and an artist, will be holed up in a high-tech test kitchen at the MAM for five days at a time while an audience watches to see what the duo cooks up.

First up is chef Léo Filho and the Rio art collective Opavivará, who will be exploring recipes as a vehicle for passing family knowledge down through generations. In an initiative that seems more anthropological than artistic, they'll be cooking recipes sent in via email which will then be handed out as marmitas (lunch boxes) to passersby in Parque do Ibirapuera – a bit like meals on wheels, only cooler, we suppose.

The subsequent double acts include hot young chef Rodrigo Oliveira, of smash hit North-Eastern eatery Mocotó who will be joining forces with Minas Gerais artist Matheus Rocha Pitta (11-15 September) to cook sopa de pedra – a traditional Portuguese soup which literally translates as 'stone soup'. Rocha Pitta will be doing his own very literal artistic interpretation, carving sculptures out of soap stone, which will then be handed out to the audience.

Another duo to look out for is that of gregarious sushiman Tsuyoshi Murakami, of award-winning Japanese restaurant Kinoshita, who will be singing as he prepares a lobster dish, while a video projection, created by the multi-media artist Regina Silveira, displays a carousel of figures, fashioned out of kitchen utensils (16-20 October).

Bizarre? Yes. Are we curious? Very.

By Catherine Balston

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Sala Paulo Figueiredo

Address Rua Pedro Álvares Cabral

Ibirapuera, São Paulo

Telephone (11) 5085 1300

MAM website

Date 20 Nov 2012-24 Nov 2012

Open 10am-5.30pm Tue-Sat


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