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Regional Italian Cuisine Week

A week-long festival celebrating regional Italian food.

This event has finished

Regional Italian Cuisine Week

Prices Four-course menus R$45-$60 lunch; R$75-$98 dinner; drinks and service not included.

Date 13 Oct 2013-20 Oct 2013

The diversity of Italy’s cuisine is thanks in no small part to its origin as a series of states, each with its own customs and cuisines. Celebrate that local gastronomy with the special menus at twenty São Paulo restaurants – each representing a different region – in the second 'Semana da Cozinha Regional Italiana' (Regional Italian Cuisine Week).

Start with Emilia-Romagna at family-friendly Spadaccino, before moving south for a taste of the Marche region with the mixed-meat lasagne vincisgrassi at Aguzzo, rounding things off in the Abruzzo region by way of the Pinheiros old-timer Vinheria Percussi

Restaurants, region by region

Aguzzo: Marche
Rua Simão Álvares 325, Pinheiros (3083 7363). Price lunch R$55; dinner R$85.
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Buttina: Basilicata
Rua João Moura 76, Pinheiros (3083 5991). Price lunch R$62; dinner R$78.
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Casa Santo Antônio: Veneto
Avenida João Carlos da Silva Borges 764, Granja Julieta (www.casasa.net). Price lunch R$52; dinner R$90.

Circolo Italiano: Molise
Avenida Ipiranga 344, floor C1, Centro (2189 2900/ circoloitaliano.com.br). Price lunch R$65; dinner R$95.

Ella: Sicilia
Rua Costa Carvalho 138, Pinheiros (3034 1267). Price lunch R$48; dinner R$78.

Friccò: Umbria
Rua Cubatão 837, Paraíso (5084 0415/ fricco.com.br). Price lunch R$49; dinner R$79.

La Cocotte: Valle D'Aosta
Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo 1153, Jardim Paulista (3081 0568). Price lunch R$59; dinner R$110.

La Madonnina Ravioli: Lombardia
Avenida Hélio Pellegrino 204, Vila Nova Conceição (3842 0012/ ravioli.com.br). Price lunch R$75; dinner R$110.

La Quottidiana: Friuli–Venezia Giulia
Rua Dr. Jesuíno Maciel 710, Campo Belo (5093 0773). Price lunch R$44.80; dinner R$78.

Maremonti: Campania
Rua Padre João Manuel 1160, Jardim Paulista (3085 1160/ maremonti.com.br). Price lunch R$49; dinner R$90.

Osteria dl Pettirosso: Lazio
Alameda Lorena 2155, Jardim Paulista (3062 5338 / pettirosso.com.br). Price lunch R$60; dinner R$85.

Pasquale Cantina: Puglia
Rua Girassol 66, Vila Madalena (3081 6543/ pasqualecantina.com.br). Price lunch R$55; dinner R$65.
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Piselli: Piemonte
Rua Padre João Manuel 1253, Jardim Paulista (3081 6043/ piselli.com.br). Price lunch R$55; dinner R$95.

Pomodori: Calabria
Rua Renato Paes de Barros 534, Itaim Bibi (3168 3123/ pomodori.com.br). Price lunch R$59; dinner R$98.

Santo Colomba: Sardegna
Alameda Lorena 1157, Jardim Paulista (3061 3588/ www.santocolomba.com.br). Price lunch R$73; dinner R$96.

Spadaccino: Emilia-Romagna
Rua Mourato Coelho 1267, Vila Madalena, (3032 8605/ spadaccino.com.br). Price lunch R$52; dinner R$90.
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Santovino: Trentino-Alto Adige
Alameda Lorena 1821, Jardim Paulista (3061 9787/ santovinoristorante.com.br). Price lunch R$55; dinner R$95.

Tre Bicchieri: Toscana
Rua General Mena Barreto 765, Itaim Bibi (3885 4004/ trebicchieri.com.br). Price lunch R$60; dinner R$84.
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Vinheria Percussi: Abruzzo
Rua Cônego Eugênio Leite 523, Pinheiros (3088 4920/ percussi.com.br). Price lunch R$66; dinner R$96.
Read more on Vinheria Percussi.

Zena Caffè: Liguria
Rua Peixoto Gomide 1901, Jardim Paulista (3081 2158) and Rua Manuel Guedes 243, Itaim Bibi (3078 6658/ zenacaffe.com.br). Price lunch R$49; dinner R$85.

Prices do not include service or drinks. 

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