Z Deli

The closest you'll get to Katz's Deli outside of Manhattan

The run-of-the-mill albeit charming deli, with just a handful of tables and a self-service counter full of delicious salads, is Jewish dining at its best. Gefilte fish can be had here not just on Passover, but all year round; or for another taste of Eastern-European cuisine, try the vareniks - breaded meats and fish. The roasted chicken (Z Deli frango) and the cheese gnocchi aren't to be missed, either. The catch is that since the food tastes better than it looks, you're liable to accidentally overeat, and spend longer here than you expected. If you have the time and the appetite opt for the all-you-can-eat buffet (R$45, or R$39 for just salad; R$55 on Saturdays), rather than the luch menu (three hot dishes for R$39). And while the prices may be steep, this is the closest you'll get to Katz's Deli outside of Manhattan.

Z Deli details

Address Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva 1350

Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo

Telephone (11) 3064 3058

Main courses from R$ 39 to R$ 55

Major cards accepted

Open noon-6pm Mon-Fri; noon-4.30pm Sat


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