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Beth Turkieniez

Delicately stunning, Beth Turkieniez's works adorns walls – and people.

Throughout October, Vila Madalena’s Galeria Ímpar has been hosting an exhibition of works – ‘Volantes’ – by Brazilian artist Beth Turkieniez. A collection of paintings, sculptures, photos and photo engravings are all part of the ‘Janela Discreta’ (Discreet Window) series, which captures the scenes of daily life Beth sees from the window of her home in downtown São Paulo.

A cast-iron chair, refined in form yet rustic in its raw material, exemplifies the artist’s vibrant delicacy, and is available to buy (for R$25,000) while others pieces start at around the R$400 mark.

But to appreciate Turkieniez’s work beyond the gallery exhibition, and maybe take home a piece or two, head to Debora Quer – a boutique owned by fashion consultant Debora Gelman. The boutique sells exclusive accessories from a selection of 30 designers, all handpicked by the experienced owner herself. Here, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and scarves are works of art too.

Turkieniez works with a range of high-end materials, such as bronze, silver, gold and semi-precious stones, and while she admits to a penchant for pearls, she also encorporates unusual yet typically Brazilian raw materials, such as passion fruit seeds and dried beans.

Much of her work plays on the contrast between hard materials like metals and polished stones, and softer pieces like delicate silk flowers. The dyed silk fabric used for the necklaces is also a study in colour for her paintings and other works, and is just one way in which her jewellery is an extension of her work as an artist and sculptor. Each piece, which takes between four and six days to complete, is a small sculpture in itself – they are, as Debora Gelman describes them, works of wearable art.

  • Beth Turkieniez's work is available from Debora Quer on Rua Haddock Lobo 937, Jardim Paulista (3086 3466/deboraquer.com.br)

By Thiago Perin


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