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Jardins shopping guide: Rua Oscar Freire

One of the smartest shopping streets in São Paulo, Rua Oscar Freire is as much about seeing and being seen than it is about shopping.

Prime São Paulo real estate, Rua Oscar Freire is home to some of Brazil's top fashion designers, as well as a number of luxury foreign brands. Start at the Pinheiros end near Avenida Rebouças and slowly make your way down, stopping en route for an affordable souvenir at the Havaiana flagship store at Rua Oscar Freire 1116.

A nose around the Melissa shoe store (Rua Oscar Freire 827) is also a must – the store is as much art gallery as it is retail outlet, with a street-facing courtyard that gets an artistic makeover every six months or so. 

Top shops

2nd Floor

Rua Oscar Freire 990, 3061 2900, 2ndfloor.com.br
Once based on the second floor above Ellus, this high-quality, well respected brand has succeeded in staying fresh, youthful and experimental since its beginnings in the 1990s as a home for new designers. 


Rua Oscar Freire 540, 3085 7883, anunciacao.com
Even with your shopping blinkers on, you won’t be able to walk past this boutique without a glance sideways. Whether it’s the bright pink façade or the fish swimming in a white pond just behind the store window that catch your attention, step in for a closer look. The Goiás-based label has pieces that work for both day and night. Read more on Anunciação

Água de Coco

Rua Oscar Freire 1181, 3061 3367, aguadecoco.com.br
The big beachwear brand is known for its sensual forms, firm drapes and strategic twists. Their bikinis manage to be neither too brief nor too prim, and the tops leave your neck free for tanning. 


Rua Oscar Freire 1102, 3063 5700, cavalera.com.br
With a rock spirit won from its founder, drummer Igor Cavalera, Cavalera has an edgy, colourful urban style, and its shows are always sizzling with punk rock vibes. 

Cia Marítima

Rua Oscar Freire 959, 3062 4457, ciamaritima.com.br
Quality beachwear and cartoon bikinis are the speciality here, and pattern is their forte. Find them at the Track & Field store. 


Rua Oscar Freire 916, 3085 6269, forum.com.br
Clean design with well-chosen elements from designers Tufi Duek and Eduardo Pombal. 


Rua Oscar Freire 940, 3085 9310, iodice.com.br
These are chic, elegant, highly aristocratic creations by designer Valdemar Iodice.

Maria Bonita

Rua Oscar Freire 702, 3068 6500, mariabonita.com.br
Architecture and art influence this highly creative label’s designs. Read more on Maria Bonita

Mercadinho Chic

Rua Oscar Freire 720, mercadinhochic.com.br
Sandwiched between designer boutiques, this cutesy market is open Wednedays to Sundays and is filled with a rotation of designers selling their wares on the stalls. Read more on Mercadinho Chic


Rua Oscar Freire 645, 3083 7977, osklen.com
This, one of Brazil’s most celebrated fashion brands, does everything from casual wear to swimwear, all with the distinctive stamp of creator Oskar Metsavaht. The former doctor started out selling snow-wear in Rio. Read more on Osklen

Thais Gusmão

Rua Oscar Freire 216, 3061 3874, thaisgusmao.com.br
This is elaborate lingerie with delicate details from the underwear queen. 


Bacio di Latte

Rua Oscar Freire 136, 3662 2573, baciodilatte.com.br
Join the queues waiting to savour the incredible ice cream at this chic part-Scottish-owned gelataria. Read more on Bacio de Latte

Oscar Café

Rua Oscar Freire 727, 3063 5209, oscarcafe.com.br
At the opposite end of Rua Oscar Freire from Bacio di Latte, this café-cum-restaurant works a retro-chic vibe. Read more on Oscar Café

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