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Shopping area guide: Itaim Bibi

If you can avoid the lunchtime rush, Itaim Bibi is ideal for a spot of shop-hopping on foot.

Between the hustle and bustle of Itaim’s main thoroughfares you’ll find a network of smaller streets, filled with hidden surprises, that are just a hop away from the neighbourhood’s mêlée of restaurants, bars, offices and residential buildings.

Start off along Rua João Cachoeira, a long easy stretch where there are plenty of bargains to be had. It may be more low-profile than Jardins, but the Itaim retail experience can be just as fulfilling. If you can, avoid lunchtimes when the office crowds battle for pavement real estate.

Top shops


Rua Doutor Mario Ferraz 479, alor.com.br
Former top model and TV presenter Mariana Weickert is a partner in this beachwear brand, which has won countless elegant paulistana women’s hearts. One of the secrets of its success is that instead of elastic, rubber is used in the straps to help everything stay in place, exactly where it ought to be. 


Rua João Cachoeira, 474, 3168 0000, anacapri.com.br
Anacapri is all about flat shoes – strappy sandals, ballet slippers, brogues and pumps – meaning presentable as well as comfortable toots. In little time, the brand sprung up branches all over the city, in five malls and two street addresses, winning women over with simple and funky designs at reasonable prices. A pair of pumps will set you back around R$100 and for just a little more, you can walk away in a pair of leopard print brogues. 


Rua Mario Ferraz 491, 3078 1163, arezzo.com.br
Now these are what we call great designer shoes. Arezzo sets trends with its sought-after shoes; but be warned: they’re pricey. 

Arthur Caliman 

Rua João Cachoeira 1246, 3045 1653, arthurcaliman.com.br
Duck in for glamorous, eye-catching dresses – the very thing for chic weddings and glammed-up festas. 

Bob Store Outlet

Rua João Cachoeira 1468, 3842 4424, bobstore.com.br
Reasonably priced, chic women’s clothes feature here, and include everything you might want in your summer suitcase – shorts, dresses, shirts and bathrobes. 


Rua Manoel Guedes, 281, Itaim Bibi (3079 7175)
Camelô is packed with small ornaments and home decor, as well as purses, bags and even backpacks for supermarket forays. Don’t be fooled by the name (meaning ‘street vendor’ in English) – the trinkets here couldn’t be further from the odds and ends sold by street vendors, as the prices attest. 

Empório Naka

Rua João Cachoeira 1155, 3842 6048, emporionaka.com.br
This boutique is great for bags, purses and shoes – from cork sandals for the beach to high heels for stalking São Paulo’s nightclubs. 

Huis Clos

Rua Doutor Mario Ferraz 538, 3168 2396, huisclos.com.br
Impeccably cut and sensual, these are clothes for the confident woman, with low cuts and soft, transparent stylings. Stylist and sociologist Clotilde de Garcia created this brand, named after the play by Sartre, in the 1970s. Read more on Huis Clos

Maryah Nazareth

Rua João Cachoeira 485, Shop 8, 3071 1765
This store is the new project from the multi-brand store Lua Nova, a well-known store just a few doors down, and the highlight are the clothes with bold prints. Set in a gallery on the bustling Rua João Cachoeira, the style is a little more alternative, more ‘Vila Madalena’, than Lua Nova.


Rua João Cachoeira 1448, 3045 0605, mobettah.com.br
Colourful, vibrant blouses for summer, priced just right, seduce Itaim’s girls. 


Rua Iaiá 72, 3071 4185, shirtstock.com.br
Not got a spare, ironed shirt for that meeting tomorrow? Leave some of your lunch behind on the fresh one you put on this morning? For all shirt emergencies, it’s Shirtstock to the rescue. This store offers four types of cut – traditional, slim, fitted and superfitted – in 100 per cent cotton with the thread count of your choice.


Rua Araçari 226, 3167 4647, thelure.com.br
Itaim’s hip brand recently launched a micro-collection by its designer friends, Luciana Faria and Stella Jacintho.

TNG Outlet

Rua Doutor Alceu de Campos Rodrigues 427, 3845 8653, tng.com.br
Featuring great prices and simple modelling in T-shirts, halters and overalls, perfect for combining with more elaborate pieces to create a look. 


Octavio Café

Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima 2996, 3074 0110, octaviocafe.com
A vast, curvaceous, timber-clad temple to the bean on bustling Avenida Faria Lima. Read more on Octavio Café

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