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Boutique brigadeiros in a myriad of flavours.


Shopping Market Place
Avenida Dr. Chucri Zaidan 902, Santo Amaro

Telephone (11) 5181 3901

Brigaderia website

Following in the footsteps of Maria Brigadeiro, this boutique brigadeiro shop sells, well – just brigadeiros. A niche market, you might think, but since its opening last year, their 28 different flavours have drummed up enough interest to spawn the expansion from the initial Shopping Market Place location to Shopping Pátio Higienópolis (Avenida Higienópolis 618, Higienópolis) and Shopping Pátio Paulista (Rua 13 de Maio 1947, Bela Vista).

Try flavours such as lime, ‘cocadinha’ (made with coconut) and the exclusive ‘negrinho’ – made with Brazilian cocoa by Valrhona and coated in chunky chocolate bits. Observant Jews can indulge in the kosher brigadeiro (the making is supervised by a Rabbi).

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