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A downtown record shop that's all about punk and hardcore

Lienio Medeiros
The Records

A few doors up from Big Papa Records in the city’s vinyl epicentre, Galeria Nova Barão, is The Records, a store dedicated to punk rock and hardcore. One of the shop’s walls is plastered with posters and copies of the fanzine Pest Zine, while records line the shop’s shelves, including a rare 1986 pressing of the 1984 album Victim in Pain (R$100) by the New York band Agnostic Front, with the second cover – released after the original sleeve art was banned. 

The owners, themselves long-time collectors, have two of their own labels – Nada Nada Discos and Spicoli Discos – which launch new punk bands and cheaper re-releases of punk classics. ‘The original records cost on average R$250, but ours are R$50,’ explains the friendly Alemão, who co-owns the store together with Mateus Mondini and Kalota. 

Their re-released classics include the single ‘Miséria e Fome’ by the paulistano punk rock band Inocentes, originally released in 1983 (R$25). September 2012 saw the launch of another classic of the local punk movement, the single ‘Violência e Sobrevivência’ by the group Lixomania. The number of copies released may be small – between 300 and 1,000 – but it’s enough to keep fans happy. New contemporary releases include singles by punk bands Futuro and Veneno Lento.

By Fabiana Caso

The Records details

Galeria Nova Barão, shop 43
Address Rua Barão de Itapetininga 37

República, São Paulo

Metrô 3 and 4, República

Telephone (11) 3257 2145

Open 11am-7pm Mon-Fri; 10am-6pm Sat


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