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Tue 23 Oct 2012

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Cia. Ismael Ivo 'Francis Bacon'is the play created by Ismael Ivo, with a dance interpretation of 20 of Bacon's paitings
The Cia. Ismael Ivo performs 'Francis Bacon'

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As the Teatro Alfa's dance season limbers up for its finale with the Legend Lin Dance Theater performing on 9-11 November, a brand new international dance festival gets under way. The first edition of the 'Plataforma Internacional Estado da Dança', supported by the São Paulo state culture department, will bring international as well as local dance companies to the Teatro Sérgio Cardoso, for a modest programme of 11 performances – seven making their debut in São Paulo – over 13 days. 

The programme includes the notable Brazilian dance companies Quasar Cia. De Dança and the Cia. Márcia Milhazes, and a total of five companies from São Paulo itself, including the São Paulo city dance company, São Paulo Cia. de Dança, which will be kicking off the festival in classic style.

Despite the 'international' in the festival's title, there are in fact just two foreign performances in the lineup, albeit heavyweights, namely Francis Bacon, by the paulistano director Ismael Ivo, who lives in Berlin; and Le Chants de l’Umaï, a big hit in Paris, by the French dance company Systéme Castafiori, choreographed by the France-based paulistana Márcia Barcellos.

Dance season programme

São Paulo Cia. de Dança

The city's dance company presents a series of short performances starting with Dois a Dois, in which two ballet dancers perform a pas de deux, followed by more pas de deux from Dom Quixote and The Nutcracker, moving on to more contemporary dances in Gnawa and Supernova.
9pm 10 October; 8.30pm 11 October

Quasar Companhia de Dança
The 24-year-old contemporary dance group from Goiânia presents No Singular.
9pm 12, 13 October

Pedro Salustiano
This dancer, part of the Recife-based company Grupo Arraial, presents Samba no Canavial, with a lively mix of singing, dancing and music.
8pm 12 October 

Marcia Milhazes Companhia de Dança
The Rio-based company, known for researching and interpreting Brazilian culture through dance, performs Camélia.
7pm 13 October; 5pm 14 October FREE

Jorge Garcia Cia. de Dança
Created by the choreographer and director Jorge Garcia, the company performs O Mesmo Lugar de Sempre.
7pm 14 October

Balé da Cidade de São Paulo
The São Paulo ballet company, which was formed in 1968, performs Paraíso Perdido.
9pm 15 October

Incunábula Companhia
The local São Paulo dance company presents Alfataria de Gestos, a contemporary dance performance inspired by art.
9pm 16 October

Systéme Castafiori 
The French dance company presents Les Chants de I’Umai.
9pm 17, 18 October

Í Cia. de Dança
The period that this Brazilian dance company spent living with Ka‘lina native Indians inspired their festival dance performance, Rastros Híbridos.
9pm 19 October

Companhia Ismael Ivo
Ismael Ivo, a Brazilian dancer and choreographer now well established in European contemporary dance circles, brings the performance Francis Bacon to South America for the very first time.
9pm 20, 21 October

Studio 3 Cia. de Dança and Cia. Sociedade Masculina
The Cia. Sociedade Masculina, Brazil's only all-male dance company, teams up with Studio 3 Cia. to present Martha Graham Memórias.
8.30pm 23 October

Event details

Teatro Sérgio Cardoso

Address Rua Rui Barbosa 153

Bela Vista, São Paulo

Telephone (11) 3288 0136

Teatro Sérgio Cardoso website

Prices R$5-R$10; 'Camélia' is free.

Date Tue 23 Oct 2012

Plataforma Internacional Estado da Dança website


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