Cine Camaleão – A Boca do Lixo

8 Feb 2013-10 Feb 2013

Lenise Pinheiro/Press Image
Mel Lisboa plays the singer Wanda Scarlatti

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A slew of new productions by the theatre company Pessoal do Faroeste is drawing inspiration from the group's new home on Rua do Triunfo, close to so-called 'cracolândia' – crackland – in downtown São Paulo. Among the works is the play Cine Camaleão, which tells the story of Wanda Scarlatti (Mel Lisboa), a singer who is determined to take part in the first sex scene in Brazilian movie history, and filmmaker Tony Reis (Roberto Leite), who agrees to produce the film despite his reservations.

The play, which forms part of a three-play programme under the banner 'Faroeste Mostra Quase Tudo' – 'Faoroeste shows almost everything' - is set in the so-called 'Boca do Lixo', once a den of vice and prostitution in the centre of SP that became the heart of the cinema industry in the '60s and '80s.

Note: this performance is entirely in Portuguese

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By Evelin Fomin

Event details

Teatro Luz do Faroeste
Address Rua do Triunfo 305

República, São Paulo

Telephone (11) 3362 8883

Prices R$40; those arriving an hour before showtime may wait to see the play first, and then decide how much they'd like to pay

Date 8 Feb 2013-10 Feb 2013

Open 9.30 Fri-Sat; 7.30 Sun.


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