Translunar Paradise

3 Apr 2013- 7 Apr 2013

Idil Sukan
performers in the show Translunar Paradise

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The English drama company Theatre Ad Infinitum brings its award-winning show Translunar Paradise to Brazil's post-Carnival culture vultures this month, making stops in Rio, São Paulo and Brasília along the way.

In a poignant tale about time, memory, life and death, the show, that made its debut appearance at the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011 to wide critical acclaim and went on to captivate audiences around the globe, charts the worldly and spiritual progression of a married couple from youth to old age. An unlikely subject matter, made all the more so given that all the ensuing emotions are beautifully depicted without the utterance of a single word.

Mystical masks tell a thousand words and swooping bodily gestures are used to communicate and transmit the actors' messages to the audience blurring the lines of reality and elevating the story to a level of visual poetry. The universal body language is accompanied only by the enchanting sounds of an accordion, fostering deep nostalgic sensations in a world of preserved memories, but always with the profound reminder of life's transient nature. 

By Geoffrey Chang

Event details

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

Address Rua Álvares Penteado 112

Sé, São Paulo

Metrô 1 and 3, Sé or 1, São Bento

Telephone (11) 3113 3651

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil website

Prices R$6; R$3 reductions

Date 3 Apr 2013- 7 Apr 2013

Open 8pm Wed-Fri; 5.30pm, 8pm Sat; 7pm Sun.


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