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Borboleta Azul

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Borboleta Azul

Prices R$40

Date Fri 30 Aug 2013

Open 9.30pm

Director Paulo Faria

Cast Beto Magnani, Juliana Fagundes and Thais Aguiar

Teatro Luz do Faroeste
Rua do Triunfo 305, República

Telephone (11) 3362 8883

1 Luz or 4 Luz

One of the pioneers of the emerging regeneration of downtown São Paulo, the theatre company Cia. Pessoal do Faroeste set up their base in Luz, researching the neighbourhood's colourful history to draw inspiration for their plays. The dialogue is all in Portuguese, but seeing a play is a good excuse for non-Portuguese speakers to get to know a bit about what may otherwise seem an inaccessible neighbourhood. 

Portuguese speakers, on the other hand, will be immersed in the lives and stories of the play's characters. In this production, Borboleta Azul ('blue butterfly'), Mrs Cora and her daughter Belbelita run a guest house in a quiet village. When the town is threatened by the construction of a factory, they wait for the return of Mrs Cora’s eldest son, sold to another family 30 years before, in the hope that he has grown rich and will take them away. The arrival of an unexpected guest, interested in buying land in the area, presents the solution they may be looking for.

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