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Date Fri 22 Jun 2012

Open 3-7pm

Praça Marechal Deodoro, Barra Funda

Telephone (11) 3824 9339

2, Marechal Deodoro

The award-winning theatre company São Jorge de Variedades is taking to the streets of Barra Funda with this open-air drama that recounts some of the history of the northern São Paulo neighbourhood. While the performance is entirely in Portuguese, it's nonetheless an interesting chance to explore one of the older parts of São Paulo on foot, on what you could consider as the most eccentric of tours.

The afternoon play, which lasts 4 hours (20 minutes of which are spent at the theatre company's HQ) and covers 2 kilometres, draws parallels between the Ancient Greek tragedies Prometheus Bound and The Bacchae and the development and 'verticalisation' of Barra Funda. All of which is woven together by a narrator on a tricycle (why not?). The narrative of the play isn't entirely linear, with the cast interacting with people as they pass by.

The route begins at Praça Marechal Deodoro, just underneath the Minhoção (officially called the Elevado Presidente Costa e Silva) – the raised expressway that connects Barra Funda and Centro – and ends with some celebratory food and drink served up at Praça Nicolau de Morais Barros.

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